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8Ball-Online Update:

7/13/04: 8Ball-Online has just transfered its site to a new and better host! In my spare time I will be working on improving the entire site and restoring it back to normal. Before I do much website revamping I'm waiting for all the behind-the-scenes changes to occur. So hopefully in a few days I will have brand new chats installed along with many other features. As always, 8Ball-Email still works perfectly fine. See you soon!

6/18/01: It's been a while since the website has been update, but this is an important update. The chats are hosted on a new reliable server that will also host many other chats in the future, meaning more people for you to chat with. The java applet doesn't have evalutation warnings anymore, and remember to grant the permission. To start only 8 Ball's House will be up until more users start coming, so tell your friends we're up again and come on over.

11/26/00: 8 Ball's House is now up and running, unfortunately that is the only available room at this time. The room is up on a shared server because there are still problems with the shell account. This will eventually be fixed and up and running once again. The rest of the rooms will most likely all be pointed towards 8 Ball's House until more users are gained back.

10/18/00: A technical problem has occured with the chat server. According to the server administrators it was somehow hacked, so it could be a few days until the servers are back up, hopefully no longer than that. Until then, I suggest going to the Yahoo Chatrooms, which can be reached to at yahoo.com.

8/16/00: Now all of the chatrooms are available for you to chat in. Chatrooms Services (ChanServ and NickServ) are still down and will be fixed in the near future (a few emails have to be sent out). The chatroom java applets still need to be registered. It will mostly likely take two weeks for the registration to be completed.

8/15/00: We apologize for the delay, but your are all now able to chat in some form or another now. Re-setting up the chatrooms was difficult to do on the new server, and we wanted to get the chats to you as soon as possible, so only 8 Ball's House is working at the moment. Services (ChanServ, NickServ, etc.) are not up yet due to minor technical problems that need to be fixed. Still, the server and chats are up so you can continue chatting. Oh, and the java chats STILL need to be registered, which we are doing as we speak.

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Chatrooms - Chat with teens, preteens, and college-aged kids from across the world by clicking here to see all the chatrooms.

8Ball-Email - Check or create your very own email account with 8Ball-Online by clicking here. Your e-mail address could be YOURNAME@8ball-email.zzn.com

Refer - Chatting is fun, and can be even more fun with your friends. Click here to refer this website to a friend via e-mail.

Contact - E-mail questions, comments, and suggestions to the right email addresses by clicking here for the contact list.

Misc. - Find many interesting things in this section such as chatroom acronyms and emoticons for the amateur chatter and alternative ways to log onto the chatrooms for the advanced user.

Rules - In order to protect yourself, as well as the rest of your fellow chatters, please read the rules before chatting and please FOLLOW them. Click here to read them.

Help - Need help with using the chatrooms? Learn how to use the chatrooms to their fullest ability by clicking here and reading the help section.


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