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  • General - If you are a first timer here at 8Ball-Online, this is a good place for you to get familiar with the chatrooms. The rooms always have someone in them. All ages are allowed here.
  • Teen - The original attraction when this website started, this is usually the most abundant group here. This is for chatters ages 13 - 18 or 19.
  • PreTeen - These chatrooms are for chatters from young ages such as 9 or 10 all the way up to 12.
  • College - Almost all college students now have computers in their dorm rooms. Invite some of your friends to come here and chat. This is for college-aged students.
  • Adult - The new group targeted here at is the adults. This is for the more mature chatters. Although it is almost synonymous with the name, no smut is allowed in this room.

Click on the appropriate chatrooms below to start chatting!

General Teen
8 Ball's House The Hangout
The Lounge South Beach


PreTeen College Adult
PreTeen Chat #1 College Chat #1 Adult Chat #1


These are java chatrooms and require that you use a browser that supports java. If you do not have one, you can download the latest version of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer (click here for Mac / click here for Windows). These are the most popular browsers out there. Most new versions of operating systems (Macintosh, Windows, etc.) come with java-enabled browsers preinstalled.


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